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Shipping Supplies in Riverside, CA

Packing and Shipping Center in Riverside, CA

FASC Riverside is pleased to carry the boxes you need at your local packing and shipping center in Riverside, CA. We sell only high-quality shipping and moving boxes to ensure your belongings and packages are safe throughout transit, whether they're going down the road or across the country. Whether you're packing your own boxes or hiring professional movers, you'll save money when you buy our boxes. Let us help you make the job a little easier and more affordable.

Moving Boxes

Small Box—16"x12"x12" 

These are great for books, DVDs, CDs, and tools. They're also useful for heavy items, such as kitchen appliances. $1.99 Each

Medium Box—18"x18"x16"

These boxes fit an average computer printer and its accessories. This deluxe moving box is strong enough to hold your printer or other equipment securely. $2.99 Each

Large Box —18"x18"x24"

These are ideal for pots and pans or stereo equipment. They're also a great choice for lamp shades, toys, games, and oversized items. $3.99 Each

Extra Large Box—22"x22"x21"

Use these for large household items or linens. They're great for comforters, pillows, lamps, and other light, yet similarly-sized, items. $4.99

Packing and Shipping Center in Riverside, CA

EZ Pack Box—24"x12"x12" 

Use these for glass and other fragile items. They're easy to pack and carry. $3.99 Each


Keep your hanging clothes safe and clean. This box is also great for curtains or chandeliers, and you can put shoes or blankets in the bottom. $11.99 Each

Art Box—24"x18"x6"

Sturdy design protects your valuable picture frames. Extra wide for space to add extra padding. Useful for shelves and games. Bulk pricing available. $3.99 Each

Extra Large Art Box—28"x8"x38" 

This box is made for mirrors and frames. The large depth allows it to hold more than one frame. $9.99 Each

TV / Microwave / Computer Box—24"x24"x20"

This box is double-walled to protect your electronics. It has built-in handles for easier carrying as well. $15.99 Each

Flat Wardrobe—36"x19"x9"

These are great for hanging clothes. You can also pack them with shoes and luggage. $6.99 Each

Dish Pack—18"x18"x27" 

These boxes are double-walled for protection. They're great for dishes and fragile items, and they have an optional dish pack cell kit available for even more protection. $11.99 Each

Large Art Box—27"x23"x4 1/2"

Protect your pictures or mirrors with this box. Great for televisions and paintings, frames, and mirrors. $7.99 Each

Lamp Carton—12"x12"x40"

These are designed for narrow, tall objects. They're great for golf clubs and fake plants. $5.99 Each

3-Tier Dish Pack Insert Kit

This box has a large partition for four glasses and two smaller partitions for six glasses. Two flat dividers protect the tiers, and there's a fold-under cushion base to protect the contents. $14.99 Each

Shipping Boxes

International Box—16"x16"x16"

$3.49 Each

18”x12”x8” Box


16”x12”x6” Box

$3.19 Each

Shoe Box—14"x10"x6"

$2.49 Each

12”x10”x4” Box

$1.99 Each

6 Cube—6"x6"x6"

$1.59 Each

14 Cube—14"x14"x14"

$3.19 Each

12 Cube—12"x12"x12"

$2.99 Each

10 Cube—10"x10"x10"

$2.59 Each

16”x12”x4” Box

$2.29 Each

10”x6”x6” Box

$1.89 Each

4 Cube—4"x4"x4"

$.99 Each

Mailing Tubes


$2.69 Each


$3.79 Each


$5.59 Each


$3.39 Each


$5.29 Each

Shipping Supplies

Paper Pad—6’x6’

Protect frames or fill extra space. $2.99 Each

Packing Peanuts —Half Bag

Clean, white, loosefill.  $2.50 Each

Packing Peanuts —Full Bag

Clean, white, loosefill.  $3.99 Each

Packing Tape —110 Yards

High quality, pressure sensitive.  $3.99 Each